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Our association is acting in a french legal frame and is approved "Youth and popular education". It was created in 1992 by young students impassioned by the space and the construction of rockets. Many projects have been made between 1992 and 1998: a small class rocket (Aviso) and experimental rockets (Fregate-S, Fregate-C and @rtefact).

These differents projects have been awareded: some of them were granted a prize coming from professionnals and industrials (CNES and GIFAS). Also, some of the first members of the association were present at the annual internationnal sciences symposium at Amarillo (Texas, 1993) and Koweit City (1995).

Justine and Nicolas

Since 1999, there is a renewal of association member's and the team starts to be younger (14/20 years old) They can use the acquired knowledge from the past members but new people equals new methods ;-).

That's how traditionnal pyrotechnics systems for parachute deployment have been replaced by intelligent motors and more electronics. Many more stuff has been improved that lasts few years, and now, one of the biggest project carried out by the team is to replace all the parachute system by making the rockets acting like the NASA famous Discovery series. That's means that the rocket will have the same vertical take off than the others, but it supposed to have an horizontal landing.


But our association main focus is not only Rocketry. Every year, we are doing some educationnal work. We are often asked by school for technicals shows and science entertainment, introducing by a funny way science and physical principals.

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